April 2017

Integrated Development of the area upstream Nebhana Dam : Participatory Diagnosis

March 2017

Tunisia- Signature of contract with DGBGTH "Ministry of Agriculture" for "SAIDA Dam and its transfer structures"

February 2017

Achievement of KEBIR GAFSA Dam works

January 2017

Concept Africa: a subsidary of concept S.A

December 2016

Restitution of final results of the Project on Surface Water Mobilization - CAP VERT

November 2016

Tunisia: Participation of the rural population in water management upstream the Nebhana Dam

October 2016

The European Union's Water Sector Reform Program Phase II (WSRP-II) for Egypt

June 2016

Democratic Republic of Congo: Restitution of Phase 1 – Imagine Project

June 2016

Starting of the project: Inventory of sustainable water resources management in Maghreb

May 2016

Indonesia: 41th Annual Assembly of IDB

March 2016

Tunisia: Kebir - Gafsa Dam

February 2016

Tunisia: CONCEPT moved to a new head office

February 2016

Cape Verde: Mobilization of Water Resources - Training

January 2016

Central African Republic: Signing Agreement of Water Supply and Sanitation Study and Work Supervision of Bambari and Bouzoum

January 2016

Tunisia: State of progress of Kébir Gafsa Dam Work Supervision

December 2015

Democratic Republic of Congo “DRC”: CONCEPT in a consortium with the Kenyan Consulting firm Gibb Int signs a new contract

October 2015

Sao Tomé & Principe: Progress of work 54%

October 2015

Ivory Coast: Meeting of validation of summary design – Management of watershed’s drainage network in Abidjan East and West

October 2015

Mauritius Island: Laying geo membrane and geo textile during the construction of a landfill for hazardous waste at La Chaumière

October 2015

Sao Tomé & Principe: Starting work supervision of Water supply of Ribeira Afonso town

September 2015

Cape Verde: Mission of Pedology for the recognition of soil