Democratic Republic of Congo “DRC”: CONCEPT in a consortium with the Kenyan Consulting firm Gibb Int signs a new contract

For the next 2 years, CONCEPT and Gibb int will conduct the consultancy services for preliminary and detailed design and supervision of the water Supply infrastructure for the imagine Program in Goma and Bukuvu

Mercy Corps has received funding from the British Department for International Development (DFID) to implement the IMAGINE program. An essential part of this program is the improvement to infrastructure that will provide improved water, sanitation and hygiene services in these cities. Mercy Corps is working closely with REGIDESO and with other NGOs and donors.

IMAGINE seeks to simultaneously improve availability of, access to, management of, and proper utilization of WaSH resources in selected urban centers in Eastern Congo to ensure sustained health impacts

One key element of the IMAGINE program is to increase access to potable drinking water for one million people by expanding and rehabilitating water systems in Goma and Bukavu, as well as the restructuring of the management of these water systems, so as to ensure the improvements are sustainable. The specific objectives of the consultancy service include the detailed design of projects to supply water to Goma and Bukavu and the supervision of the work. These objectives comprise the following activities :

  • Prepare detailed preliminary project design, final design, tender documents and construction documentation necessary for the extension and rehabilitation of water system facilities in Goma and Bukavu

  • Prepare the tender documents for the recruitment of contractors who will execute the work and assist Mercy Corps in the Contractor selection process

  • Assist in the tender analysis

  • Supervision of the work which will be carried out by contractors