March 2017- Tunisia- Signature of contract with DGBGTH "Ministry of Agriculture" for "SAIDA Dam and its transfer structures"

This project will be carried out in 2 phases:
- Phase for Updating detailed design Studies and bid documents of the Dam and its Transfer Structures
- Works supervision phase

The first phase lasts 6 months and the 2nd phase, 48 months.
It is a fixed dam in earth, with a crest length of 1100 m and a maximum height of 49 m. The body volume of the dam is approximately 4.2 million m3. It will be filled from 2 pumping stations, Douar el Bay (SP1) and El Hbibia (SP0) and will supply the future Belli treatment plant with a maximum flow of 13.2 m3 / s via the 2 projected stations SP2 and SP3.