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June 2024-Conakry Sanitation Project in Guinea 

10 June 2024 admin

The Conakry Sanitation Project (PAC), financed by the Islamic Development Bank, involves the construction of two fecal sludge treatment plants (FSTP) to meet the needs of the population of the Guinean capital which today reaches today two million inhabitants. The study carried out by engineers and technicians CONCEPT since 2021 has given rise to construction work, the supervision of which is also entrusted to a group which includes CONCEPT. On June 6, 2024, a mid-term review visit was undertaken by national and local authorities to the site of the first of these two FSTPs in the municipality of sanfoniaThe CEO of CONCEPT participated in this visit and informed the participants, along with the engineers from the supervision mission, on the design of the works and the progress of the work. With a capacity of 250 m3/day, this facility takes over from a former FSTP which had been abandoned for more than ten years due to the nuisance caused to the local population. The project proposed by CONCEPT will include nature-based solutions mitigating negative impacts on the urban environment, and will in particular include a reinforced concrete access road that will prevent the dumping of septic tanks sludges before their disposal at the FSTP. The effluents that will come from the treatment chain can be used for irrigation (water) and fertilization (compost) of the agriculture located on the edge of the mangrove downstream of the FSTP.

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