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Water and Territories

Water management and treatment , This area contains 3 distinct specialties

water Supply  CONCEPT's expertise covers all aspects of drinking water supply in urban, peri-urban and rural areas.
CONCEPT has a wide range of experience in the study, modeling and design of drinking water infrastructures of various sizes and complexity. Our services range from catchment to distribution, including production, treatment, pumping, conveyance, storage and water management.

2) Wastewater treatment :  Wastewater management and treatment are critical to maintaining a healthy environment.
Wastewater has many sources: it can be urban wastewater, industrial wastewater or runoff. Regardless of the source, this wastewater must be treated before it is released into the natural environment.
CONCEPT, offers a complete range of innovative, integrated and sustainable solutions to the challenges posed by sanitation projects, in its multiple dimensions

3) Major hydraulic works:  Whether they are intended to increase water availability, develop agriculture, produce energy, regulate the flow of rivers or protect against floods, the design and monitoring of dams require rigor and know-how combined with innovative technologies.
Essential activity of the company at its creation, the activity of dams and large hydraulic structures is today one of the major activities of CONCEPT.


CONCEPT is a major player in the global management of waste in Tunisia and in several African countries. At the heart of current environmental issues, CONCEPT's mission is to preserve the environment and promote sustainable development, by offering innovative solutions to collect, sorting, valorizing and eliminating waste.


enewable energy refers to a set of means of producing energy from sources or resources that are theoretically unlimited, available without time limit or that can be replenished more quickly than they are consumed. Renewable energies are also referred to as "green energies" or "clean energies". The low environmental impact of their use makes them a major element of companies' CSR strategies for sustainable development.


CONCEPT Introduces a new service which is industrial security which boils down to reconciling the requirements of short-term profitability, with the requirements of security of goods and people aimed at reducing the risks, on an environmental, social and economic level, generated by the activity of the company in the longer term, which may affect its stakeholders.

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