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January 2023-Agadir desalination plant (Morocco): CONCEPT takes part in its technical audit

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Station de dessalement d’Agadir

January 2023-Agadir desalination plant (Morocco): CONCEPT takes part in its technical audit

16 January 2023 admin

ENGIE and NAREVA have launched a proposal to the Moroccan Government for the acquisition of a water production plant by desalination of seawater using the reverse osmosis (RO) technique.

This is the Agadir desalination stationAgadirIt is a water production plant intended for the drinking water supply of Greater Agadir (150,000 m3/day)3and the irrigation of 18,500 Ha in the plain of Chtouka in the SOUSS-MASSA region (125,000 m3/day). This station is expandable to produce up to 400,000 m3/day.3/jour). Cette station est extensible pour produire jusqu’à 400 000 m3/jour.

The services requested from AFRY (Switzerland) associated with CONCEPT consist of an audit mission to produce a report describing the state of the station and its current operation, its social and environmental impact and the commercial interest that the acquisition could bring of this station.

To do this AFRY and CONCEPT dispatched a team made up of a civil engineering/hydraulics expert from CONCEPT, an environmental expert and a mechanics expert from AFRY. Three ENGIE experts (in civil engineering, chemistry and mechanics) were present on site to attend the findings of the desalination plant. The site visit took place on January 10 and 11, 2023. During these two days, all the components of the project were audited, namely: Seawater catchment structure; Filtration system; Ultrafiltration system; Reverse osmosis system; Chemical reagent injection system; Pumping system; Remineralization structure; Osmosis water storage structure; Drinking water and irrigation water pumping stations; Irrigation water control structure; Supply network and related structures; Irrigation water distribution terminals; Medical laboratory. Only the offshore intake structure could not be visited, it is about 1 km from the Atlantic coast, deep in the ocean. The report to be produced will be a ''Red Flags'' matrix indicating any anomalies or shortcomings for the components that require interventions to improve the operating efficiency of the desalination plant and its adduction system. desalinated water.   

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