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6 March 2023 admin

CONCEPTEngineering consulting firm operating in the water and environment sector in Tunisia as well as in sub-Saharan African countries, has built for thirty years flourishing partnerships with its counterparts in these brotherly and friendly countries with the aim of bringing well-being to the populations and enabling them to live in good conditions in accordance with the world standards of hygiene and environment.

We have always appreciated the human and professional qualities of our sub-Saharan partners, which prompted us to establish ourselves permanently first in IVORY COAST then in other African countries. In the same way, we are constantly supervising students from the South Sahara who have always impressed us with their eagerness for knowledge and their intellectual qualities.

We regret the latest events concerning the sub-Saharan community in Tunisia and deplore any action that could undermine the dignity and security of our African brothers. We call for appeasement and restraint.

We express our unwavering solidarity with the African community present on Tunisian territory.

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