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  • Country Guinea
  • Location: City of Conakry
  • Duration of the mission: 15 MONTHS
  • Name of the Client : Ministry of Urban Planning and Housing National Directorate of Urban Planning and Infrastructure

Wastewater, Stormwater & Flood Protection


The city of Conakry has been the subject of several studies and programs aimed at improving its natural and human environment, which, in the face of significant population growth and a notorious lack of sanitation facilities, was undergoing continuous degradation.
The success of the actions to be taken in one of the sanitation sub-sectors is closely linked to the success of the actions in the other sub-sectors. For example, the stormwater sanitation problem in Conakry must be posed, studied and resolved in perfect harmony with the actions undertaken or to be undertaken in the fields of wastewater treatment and solid waste management.
It is with this in mind that the Ministry of Hydraulics and Sanitation (MHA) "Project Owner", the National Agency for Sanitation and Public Health (ANASP) "Delegated Project Owner", the Administration and Control of Major Projects (ACGP) "Public Project Owner" and the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) "Donor" have entrusted the CIRA SAS group of consulting firms of Mali and CONCEPT of Tunisia for the realization of the detailed engineering design study and the supervision of the works of the Stormwater Sanitation Project of Conakry.

Sites visits.
Collection of available data and information relevant to the project.
Diagnosis of the current situation of drainage, identification of the flooded zones and the stagnation of water, etc.
Updating of the database and the establishment of the new necessary data for the study.
Identification and diagnosis of the existing networks as well as the possible refusals (dis-charges).
Study and hydrological modeling of the inflows from the basins outside and inside the study area and calculation of the flows to drain.
Ground layout and alignment of primary and secondary stormwater networks (pipes and lift stations): different variants are studied and compared from a technical and financial point of view and then submitted to the client for advice.
Modeling and simulation of the operation of existing and projected systems using the Epa SWMM software.
Preparation of the preliminary project file on the basis of the variant selected by the client and whose components were the subject of a topographic survey.
The Detailed project file includes a detailed description of the selected priority section (55 km of canals and scuppers), the sizing and calibration of the new and rehabilitated collectors and structures, the detailed bill of quantities of the works and their estimated cost, as well as a set of plans (longitudinal profiles, general plans, detailed drawings, etc.), an economic feasibility study, an environmental impact study and an information and awareness campaign for the population.

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